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Nobody Likes The Honest Questions

If I asked you to accept the fact that my heart is too small to love you as you deserve, and asked you to care for me despite the black dog that follows me around, and asked you to be … Continue reading

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Whatever made me think I could be strong enough to handle the overwhelming tidal wave of your emotions must have been as ephemeral as any other high. Gone now, in the wake of too much usage, I find myself broken-backed … Continue reading

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State of the Union

In and out, disappearing and reappearing. I do that, from time to time. I’m attempting to get a decent buffer here so that I can write steadily, produce steadily, and yet if I have to take a day or three … Continue reading

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Popped into the Big Y on the way home from work — had to snag some Pillsbury Gluten Free pie crust to take to NY for the big day. Headphones in, wandered to dairy aisle. Listening to Fall Out Boy’s … Continue reading

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