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  • Friday Flash Fiction

    Challenge from Chuck Wendig wherein the story must be told using social media. I haven’t got a damned clue if I did it ‘right’ but I liked it, so. [AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was supposed to go up before noon, because Chuck Wendig said so, but alas, I forgot about it entirely. Still, I liked it,…

  • How I Am

    You ask me how I am. You ask me how my life is. I never tell you. I never really tell you, because I always spill. I always tell everyone everything. I always rip open and let it loose and I guess I finally realized no one wanted to hear it. No one was really…

  • The Spaces Of Me

    There are times I think about singing to you, calling you up from miles away and singing to you all the songs that used to be ours, but aren’t anymore. I wonder if you gave them away like I had to, to make sure there weren’t empty spaces where you’d once been. Did you fill…

  • Flashes

    Screechfire blankeye heartgulp runrunrunrunrunrunrun don’tlookdon’tlookAAAAAAH(looked) blissfreezejumprotoscopekickoutlashout jawbreaknecksnap hallelujahrunfree don’tlookback don’treachback don’tholdback blissedoutfallingdownscrapeknee breakwrists crumpledbirdfoldedup origamilife tenderdelicate Tags: cat jones, catastrophe, catastrophe jones, fear, flashes, heartache, heartbreak, jones, loneliness, love, poem, poems, poetry, pursuit, writing

  • Tired Heart

    They call the sound heartbeat. I think I know just why: Battered by time, by age, choices, both bad and worse. It fights, clenches a fist against my ribs, railing against the walls of me, so worn, so tired from all of this. Tags: heartbreak, love, memory, poem, self, writing