Tag: heartache

  • The Voice MailBox is Full

    He stands atop the tallest building he can find, facing the sunrise, cigarette at his lips, too-blue eyes staring out against the mix of colors that signals dawn. Some freakish salmon, an indigo, a weird greybluebrown, soft lavender, and pale gold, first seeping up from the horizon, fading out the stars as the sky begins…

  • The Honeymoon is Over

    I am the last of the white hot nobodies, burning out to ash in a vacuum of cold silence. Don’t cry for me; I won’t remember my own pain in but a moment. All is well. Tags: heartache, loss, love, misery, pieces, poem, poems, poetry, writing

  • Flashes

    Screechfire blankeye heartgulp runrunrunrunrunrunrun don’tlookdon’tlookAAAAAAH(looked) blissfreezejumprotoscopekickoutlashout jawbreaknecksnap hallelujahrunfree don’tlookback don’treachback don’tholdback blissedoutfallingdownscrapeknee breakwrists crumpledbirdfoldedup origamilife tenderdelicate Tags: cat jones, catastrophe, catastrophe jones, fear, flashes, heartache, heartbreak, jones, loneliness, love, poem, poems, poetry, pursuit, writing