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This is Just to Say

I condemn and disavow the violence in Charlottesville where a woman was murdered in the street and Nazis are unapologetic. Forgive me I am so nauseated to learn what we are. I hear the words of those who spread hate, … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday, and as a gift to myself, I’ve decided to stop having a great big anxiety freakout that I’m not as punctual as I’d like to be, when it comes to posting updates. I’m grateful to those of … Continue reading

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100 Words: The Last Time

This is the last time, he told himself. The last time I will pick her up. The last time I’ll mop up puke and wash blood from her hair and have to sober up because I can’t drink while I’m … Continue reading

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100 Words: Pick Up

“Jones? Don’t run–” She couldn’t have, if she tried. All she could do was stare. And shake. “Fuck, what the bloody fuck did you do t’yerself?” She looked up, baleful, but the glare fizzled out as she turned her head … Continue reading

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100 Words: Smile You Fuckers

Music played; she hummed along as she finished tasks, feeling calm sink in. Yesterday hadn’t gone well; she was left with a headache and a general feeling of discontent. Rather than focus on that, she turned her mind to Other … Continue reading

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