Tag: identity

  • Honesty

    I am terrible at promises. I am a liar and a fool. I am weak and I am maddening. I am fearful and I am broken. I am hopeless and I am miserable. I think of myself as unloved, unlovable, unknowable. If you really knew me… If you knew the real me… If I could…

  • Transmorphosis (He knows)

    He knows. He knows somewhere inside himself, he is alive. He knows if he cuts deep enough, someday he will find himself and pull himself out of her. He knows it will be like being born again, coming out of a woman and finding the man that is inside her, the perfect shape, where the…

  • So Much Fear

    What am I besides so much air over a too-dry reed? What am I besides so much glitter to be blown in the wind? What am I besides so much fear? What am I? Tags: curiosity, identity, poem, poems, poetry, self