Disconnection No. 3 – Blake

This is Part 3 of the Serial Disconnection.


* * *

The wars between those who ran the net and those who considered it the most vile thing one could do to one’s own body were bloody and savage. Humanity had at one point nearly defeated war, poverty, famine, and in some cases, it seemed like death as well; people who died online stayed ‘alive’ within the confines of their memories — people could visit loved ones for years after their demise, though such a thing made the Never Connected even more furious. The damned Net had corrupted humanity enough that their souls were no longer safe, and what made a person unique could be captured digitally and made to parade around like some false puppet.

The first reported deaths came one snowy night when the offline people stormed an online convent. Those who had declared the Main Host to be a form of God were busy in worship, singing gloriously while they filtered through the knowledge and let all information pass through them. While their consciousness delighted in soaking up everything their chosen deity had to offer, a man named Tobias Blake backfed a full generator into the church’s power supply, bypassing its modulator.

113 members of the clergy and the six hundred orphans in the choir experienced a Surge. The church became a museum, with syncpoints set up to experience the last recorded song, a version of ‘O Holy Night’ that allows the listener to feel as though they were their in that moment.

Tobias Blake was immediately labeled an enemy of the State, and it was commonly agreed that that was the night that a revolution against anything networked was born.

In reality, the first death was Tobias’s son, who was killed by someone who’d had a sync installed into their car. Cars were allowed to have sync points, but they were to be locked out if the car’s transmission was engaged, for safety reasons. This one had been bypassed, and the driver was testing out a new dating simulation. He had just managed to get his virtual date’s panties off with his teeth when he felt something go under his wheels.

During the trial, the man’s lawyer had pled that he was addicted to syncing — he ended up in a rehab facility with what amounted to little more than a slap on the wrist. Tobias Blake used up the last of his money on court fees, and burying his only child.

That was when the revolution was born.

* * *


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  1. StarNinja says:

    Jesus, that is harsh. I love how much emotion and information you can pack into such a seemingly small amount of words. I’m guessing this Tobias Blake is our antagonist? Such a great motivation too. It would certainly drive me over the edge, I tell you that! Let’s see what’s next!

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