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Tired Heart

They call the sound heartbeat. I think I know just why: Battered by time, by age, choices, both bad and worse. It fights, clenches a fist against my ribs, railing against the walls of me, so worn, so tired from … Continue reading

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Attention Readers

I’m curious — please take a moment out of your time to answer my very brief poll. Won’t hurt a bit and when you’re done, you can go and get yourself some cookies and juice. [polldaddy poll=7837305] Tags: internet, meta, … Continue reading

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State of the Union

In and out, disappearing and reappearing. I do that, from time to time. I’m attempting to get a decent buffer here so that I can write steadily, produce steadily, and yet if I have to take a day or three … Continue reading

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Popped into the Big Y on the way home from work — had to snag some Pillsbury Gluten Free pie crust to take to NY for the big day. Headphones in, wandered to dairy aisle. Listening to Fall Out Boy’s … Continue reading

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I have cancer. The diagnosis is somewhat recent. I do not mean this as a ploy of sympathy for why I have not written, lately — I mean it as a way of explaining why I may not write here … Continue reading

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