Popped into the Big Y on the way home from work — had to snag some Pillsbury Gluten Free pie crust to take to NY for the big day. Headphones in, wandered to dairy aisle. Listening to Fall Out Boy’s latest album, which I love with all my heart.

Couldn’t find crust. Cue rage, as I had called and spoken to the dairy manager who promised they not only carried it, but he said it was on the shelves. I find tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough, but no pie crust.


Instead of throwing the tantrum I feel rising, I take a deep breath and look again. Lo and behold, there it is! Right next to the other pie crusts. Thanksgiving is saved!

I head up to pay, slip in one of the express lanes, still listening to my iPhone, lip syncing quite exuberantly, when I see the guy in front of me fussing with his wallet. Something that looks like a coupon falls out of his pocket. He doesn’t notice, so I bend down, snag it, and simultaneously unfold it while holding it out to him. “This yours?”

Turns out it was a personal check of some kind. His eyes got all huge and he took it and said “Oh! Oh, THANK you! Wow. WOW. Thank you. Oh, that would have been bad, huh?”

And then he proceeded to pay for my $15 of pie crusts. I tried to politely decline, but he said, “No no — the world needs honesty, you know?” So there’s that.

When I left the plaza, I saw a couple standing by the exit, with a cardboard sign. “All we need is $15 more to get home for Thanksgiving.” It’s cold outside, and their clothes and shoes are worn. I had a spare $5 in my wallet — the only cash on me. Funny how people just don’t carry it anymore.

I rolled down my window and handed it over without hesitation.

The world needs generosity, too.

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  1. Trent Lewin says:

    Well said, and a good reminder of how we should be.

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