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They said you were Aphrodite, when they found your face washed upon the shore. They saw the curve of your cheek and the angle of your jaw, and the curl of your hair, and named you Venus, named you Beauty, … Continue reading

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White Noise

Rising sick a tide of anxious bees pollinating worry inside me like a field of roses surrounding the tower a buzzing reaching for the bottom of my tongue like it will not let me make words only a scream that’s … Continue reading

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These aren’t my thoughts and dreams. I catalog a list of sins and hopes in blood that isn’t mine, spilled ink to paint every page of my life. They scream through me and I cannot harness, cannot tame, cannot rein … Continue reading

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Believe me when I say I am more than this flesh more than this voice more mutable more movable than any other feast you have known any other dish you have sampled, have consumed. Believe me when I say I … Continue reading

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This is Just to Say

I condemn and disavow the violence in Charlottesville where a woman was murdered in the street and Nazis are unapologetic. Forgive me I am so nauseated to learn what we are. I hear the words of those who spread hate, … Continue reading

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