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A Different Set of Scales

I pull it from my lungs, from the seat of me, the floor, the places where there shouldn’t be places of something to accumulate. I want to be grounded, want to have roots but then again I don’t want to … Continue reading

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When realization comes, it’s a flood, the red tide that is at once both loss and renewal, depending upon whose shores the waves break.

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Some Other Girl

I am 5,and a boy in my kindergarten classpulls his pants down in front of mein the shared classroom toilet.“You should lick it,” he says,demanding,shaking himself in front of me.“That’s what girls are for.” I am 10,away from home for … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

dark things swim below the surfacedark fish under dark watersilverscale shining now and thenan ideaa memorybut they too stir up the murkturn the water turbidmake what was clear something elsesomething lesssomething more leaving me with more questionsthan answersmore ruinthan creation … Continue reading

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I consume what I have created,Saturn devouring his son,and then cry at what I have wrought,skrik.Time and space pin me to the spot, above my headthe starry night.And sometimes all I am is a glove for someone else’s hunger,a soft … Continue reading

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