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Exes and Ohs

Glory, glory, it was hard to see reason with all that radiant light with that face with that beautiful sungod face smiling down at me haloed by those windswept waves, that bronzed unfreckled skin. You don’t remember him, but I … Continue reading

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Recipe for When You’re Grieving

Use a heavy-bottomed pan, a big one. Drop in some butter. Top and tail and peel sweet onions. Chop them slowly, and let yourself cry. Sweat the onions in the butter; add salt and pepper. Stir until everything is soft. … Continue reading

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Let’s bring back connection

I don’t know which of you beautiful goblins out there needed to read everything, literally everything I’ve ever posted in the ‘grief’ and ‘loss’ tags — but whatever you’re going through, I’m sorry. DM me somewhere, ok? Everything is terrible, … Continue reading

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Good Day

What’s a good day? Is it when he wakes up calmly and takes the pills she leaves out for him? Is it when he waits for her, if he gets up before her? Is it when he doesn’t break a … Continue reading

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Every Time, For Him

It was easy to get caught up in the minutiae, easy to think of what she did, day to day, as the important stuff, when in fact it was the overarching pattern she’d wanted to accomplish. She didn’t do it … Continue reading

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