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I worry sometimes

They’ll figure out what I’m doing — or, worse yet, that they already have, and now I’m a ticking time bomb of my own making, painstakingly created, impossible to defuse. What happens when I die? Everything I have ever loved … Continue reading

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Death by a thousand papercuts, the careless finality of words where gestures would be far more appreciated, even if futile. Do you have any idea what it feels like to be thrown away so easily, unnoticed, without mattering? You’re a … Continue reading

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one day

your careless words and carefree glances, you laughing ones down the way, you don’t know what burning lurks beneath a cold shoulder on a hot summer day it’s hilarious to think of how you go about your days without any … Continue reading

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I turn my face inward to the sun inside me, an incadescent hatred of the chains in which our oppressors bind me, bind us all; I have decided to step away from the grim, chilling night and accept the rage … Continue reading

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Give Me Nothing

I am this vast ocean and also drowning; I am this furious blaze and also burning; I am She Who Must Be Fed and also I consume myself in my hunger; nothing will sate me– nothing is enough– nothing fills, … Continue reading

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