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What You Ought To Be Taught

You whimper, a kicked dogbut refuse to stayinstead playing dead at my feet.I could help you if only you wouldbare your throatto bear my collar. The mewlingisn’t warranted, you know.I’ve never raised a hand to youbecause you don’t wantthat sort … Continue reading

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This Thing

It’s not a thundering but a rhythmic stutter, a seizing beat, a rapidfire-horse-hooves-in-the-mud kind of pounding, like it could break through its bone cage, a strange clattering of opened-wing hopes and clutched-talon fears, a gasping, reaching, aching kind of pulse, … Continue reading

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Not a Disney Princess

It was raining like the endThe sky was full of darkAll the monsters were outThere were terrors aboutdoing their thing, making their mark And then there was youwith a sword and a light like the sunThen there was youI suppose … Continue reading

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Legend of the Legend of the Legend of the

starting, launchinginto the newness,and no one had ever realized that it wasonly the shell,only the framing,only the drywall studsof a story,I remember we fell down,in which we could benothing more thanthe began selves we already were.some time long ago,an oral … Continue reading

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Once, just once, you said something to me that burned, and I don’t imagine you remember it, but it cut into me the way an early, unwanted limb is cut from a tree, and leaves a shape in the bark … Continue reading

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