Legend of the Legend of the Legend of the

starting, launching
into the newness,
and no one had ever realized that it was
only the shell,
only the framing,
only the drywall studs
of a story,
I remember we fell down,
in which we could be
nothing more than
the began selves we already were.
some time long ago,
an oral tradition.
Some of us just whisper,
while others shout,
and still others are looking for something to use
as a voice.
I began a story,
there is no way to edit without a first draft,
and no way to edit once the draft has gone by.
it explaining,
began it under a supposition,
began it with
all manner of Ever changing,
we are pretense,
began it so thoroughly
that there had never been
another way of beginning,
had never been
another way of commencing,
one in which The run-ons we become
are only because
We are not written but spoken,
and there is no way
to remember it rightly.

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