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(Prompted) One Touch

The first time it happened, she was seven, small, frightened of the twelve-year old who’d seemed like a God as he advanced on the smaller, younger kids who’d been occupying the swing set. Khasi was kind, gentle; he would have … Continue reading

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It Takes

It takes a lot of time to figure out precisely where you want to be when you have to start at something more like the beginning which is to figure out precisely where you are to start. No tags for … Continue reading

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This is Just to Say

I condemn and disavow the violence in Charlottesville where a woman was murdered in the street and Nazis are unapologetic. Forgive me I am so nauseated to learn what we are. I hear the words of those who spread hate, … Continue reading

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Jesse’s face goes slack. He is four years old, and he has bashed his little thumb with his father’s hammer, banging tenpenny nails into the hood of his father’s car. When his father sees what he’s done, he picks the … Continue reading

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