Tastes Like

There are those who say
you must bite into life,
that you must take the fruit of it with your teeth,
and know of its sweetness.

There are those who advise
that you should drink of life,
swallow it, consume it in great draughts,
and know of its clear refreshment.

There are those who insist
the only way forward is to eat of the tree of Experience,
that its nourishing flesh
will fill and form you,

but none of those are the ones who will tell you
that you must do all of those things with care,

for if you bite down hard enough on anything,

–be it fruit,
or sky,
or dream–



will taste like blood.

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2 Responses to Tastes Like

  1. Victori Rhode says:

    I just have to say I really love this.

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