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  • April First

    Fools day comes and goes every year, a cycle rounding, one spoke speaking twirling turning round and around and the wheels go, and the world goes, and we go, and we mark the season, the year, the year’s end and spring, renewing, and everyone’s a fool, not just those who hold on to the past,…

  • Who Needs To Be Revived

    It is spring that revives, even as the world begins to claw its way out from under the suffocating blanket of so many things better left unsaid why in fact don’t we all just stay in the cold in the numb a little longer and maybe that will let us go to sleep for good.…

  • Offer

    Two thousand years ago and two thousand years hence, it made little difference what gifts are brought; the only thing that matters is that they are given in reverence. Tags: Christmas, gift, gifts, poem, poems, poetry, present, presents, season, winter, writing, xmas