In honor of 100 followers and 200 posts…

…I present to you the following hilarity.

The top searches that lead to my fiction include the phrase:

“What’s it like falling in love?”

Whoever you are, I AM SO. SO. SORRY.

* * *

When we hit 200 followers, I will post a link to my greatest audio hits which may or may not include a poetry reading of a takeout menu from my favorite Indian restaurant.

[[UPDATE]] Now that I realize that I’ve already actually got over 300 followers because of FB and Twitter (Hmmmm, minion army), I must renegotiate: You will receive a ‘greatest hits’ album after 500 followers. You can either start promoting, OR live in a world where you never have to listen to me cover a Deathboy and Idina Menzel mashup.






  1. Darren Avatar

    Funnily enough, I landed here by searching ” words that rhyme with bhuna.”

    And I thought I’d be the lone voice in “menu poetry” – damn!!!

    1. Catastrophe Jones Avatar

      We’ll do a duets album!

  2. Jen Donohue Avatar

    I LOVE looking at search terms. Sometimes they make perfect sense, and other times they’re totally demented. They can be inspiring, either way!

    1. Catastrophe Jones Avatar

      Right? Obviously, as The Bloggess says, we have found our tribe.

  3. Trent Lewin Avatar

    I NEED to hear you sing. I absolutely need that. I will do my part to make this happen.

    1. Catastrophe Jones Avatar

      I write you part 15, and THIS is the post you comment on? Lewin, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

      1. Trent Lewin Avatar

        Jones, I will never miss one of your posts… went through the latest post first and then circled earlier… I read Return 15. I know you are determined to break me into little pieces with anticipation and wondering. I know that. I’m okay with that. And you’re cruel, and great, and you are so good it boggles the mind.

        1. Catastrophe Jones Avatar

          Little tiny pieces. All of them shrieking “More! Again! Woooooo!” like a pack of feral bros.

          1. Trent Lewin Avatar

            Feral’s the best word for you. Like some kind of wolf. You scare me a bit. I’m totally okay with that.

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