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Don’t Talk

I don’t talk about it; I like to talk about it, I’d like to talk about it, but I don’t talk about it. I don’t talk about it because of the look on everyone’s face. The look that means disappointment. … Continue reading

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100 Words: Weightless (Poem)

Confusion– the sort of thing that fire burns out the way the sky falls with a hundred thousand stars her words are all fucked up and out of order the way they’ve always been with him talking in the back … Continue reading

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Forbidden things, the way we touch, the love we have. They do not understand and they never will. Kept from the sun, all life withers, so too will I, as I am kept from the light of you, the heat. … Continue reading

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Leaving The Faith

A desperate choke a suspect thing of race-heart and boneshake leg, rattlefist and dry-mouth bare-teeth howl. (I saw the best minds of my–) We all think we remember (Never forget) But what we’re hoping for is the chance to do … Continue reading

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I keep ending up back in this place that I know — a dungeon of my own making, a place wherein I feel myself bound, muffled, and no matter how familiar the landscape, I know I will stumble, and I … Continue reading

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