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The scent of her is thick on fingers, lips, skin, sheets; she leaves a trail of pheromones wherever she goes, inspiring late morning sessions of fast and frantic fucking, the kind where it’s hard to get enough, hard to think … Continue reading

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You who bore the tattoo, who bore the blood, who carried the mark, who carried the light. You who could not lay down because the quest was not yet finished. You who held the lightning; you who sang the void. … Continue reading

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They said you were Aphrodite, when they found your face washed upon the shore. They saw the curve of your cheek and the angle of your jaw, and the curl of your hair, and named you Venus, named you Beauty, … Continue reading

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Even I think this is stupid

The pattern of a breakfix life is simple: Wait. Watch. Wait. Watch. Wait. See. Flinch. React. Panic. Flail – and in flailing, possibly hit the broken thing and render it useful again, or so un-useful as to be replaced. Lather. … Continue reading

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White Noise

Rising sick a tide of anxious bees pollinating worry inside me like a field of roses surrounding the tower a buzzing reaching for the bottom of my tongue like it will not let me make words only a scream that’s … Continue reading

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