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Jesse’s face goes slack. He is four years old, and he has bashed his little thumb with his father’s hammer, banging tenpenny nails into the hood of his father’s car. When his father sees what he’s done, he picks the … Continue reading

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Liminal Spaces

My lover dwells in the liminal spaces — the stretch of the shore where the tide touches sand; in doorways she dances, on path’s edge, she paces — and twilight’s the moment she’s ever at hand. She straddles horizons and … Continue reading

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Once The Moon

Throw me a line; give me a clue, a bone, a wish, a star, a stick. A stick, give me a stick, a shield, anything, anything at all! I am not just drowning out here; I am drowning in rivers … Continue reading

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Steps Forward

He watches the way her skirt twitches at her hips, long long legs and the sway of particolored curls. She’s a monster when she’s on something, when she’s got it in her teeth and she says I don’t have a … Continue reading

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Write it/Forget it

Her hand hovered. Second thoughts. On this side of the door? Loyalty. But also fantasies left hidden, and desires left unmet. Beyond it? Betrayal. But also a promise of forbidden fruit: knowledge and feelings never before experienced. She used to … Continue reading

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