Dialogue/Picture This

“Hey… hey y’… y’that guy. From th’news!”

“…That get me a drink?”

“Buddy it’ll get y’wasted.”

“Oh. Good.”

“H’much d’you ‘member?”


“I hear you. Single r’blended?”




“Okay so. How much do y’remember?”

“Really want to know?”

“I really wanna know.”


“I ain’t kiddin’!”

“Everything. I remember everything.”

“Oh, fuck yes. I KNEW it! Sylvie! Get y’ass over here!”

“Goddamnit, I’m busy!”

“Yeah, but dis guy! Dis fuggin guy! Ha!”

“Watch it. Hands.”

“Sorry! Sorry, mister. Got excited. We don’ get many of y’kind here. ‘Choo you say y’name was, again?”

“Lucy. You can call me Lucy.”

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