The Reason

I wanted a cock
between my legs
I wanted a cock
of my own.
That was the reason
for most of my twenties.
I’d have fucked
any number of men
to be my own man,
and I tried my hardest
to figure out
how to take from them
what I felt I needed
to be whole.





5 responses to “The Reason”

    1. Catastrophe Jones Avatar

      Thank you. It’s a big thing to write about.

  1. Adan Ramie Avatar

    It’s amazing how you can read something one day that totally hits the nail on the head for what you’ve been wondering about (even torturing yourself over) for years. I love this.

    1. Catastrophe Jones Avatar

      Glad to hear it. I think I’m also consistently amazed by just how alike we all are, as human beings.

      Thanks for reading, and for the comment.

      1. Adan Ramie Avatar

        That’s the truth. For as much as many people liked to divide us into their ‘neat’ little boxes, we certainly aren’t unique as a whole.

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