Standing Up, Say Something

The previous entry is about the site “The Mouthy Housewives” wherein a small collective of women both reinforce and subvert the strange notion of “Perfection” embodied by fictional women such as Donna Reed or Mrs. Ward Cleaver. They’re a combination of 50’s housewife, the anti-Martha Stewart, Desperate Housewives of Wherever, and a kind of undead Emily Post. ┬áThe site is meant to be taken with a grain of salt (it’s even got a disclaimer, how nice!) — the advice is neither psychologically-sound, nor always on point — but at times it veers well away from ‘helpful’ and right smack into ‘as damaging as a cricket-bat to the forebrain.

Case in point: this particular advice post.

I spoke up, and then I was worried I might’ve made an idiot of myself. I’m no longer afraid of that — I think I said what I meant to say, and I said it well. I also think I won’t change their minds, which is a little sad. I don’t think I have anything more to say on this, but it doesn’t mean it’s all hashed-out. It doesn’t mean the discussion’s over. It’s only really just beginning. Frankly, if you’ve got something to say, you should stand up and say something, yourself.

I mean, really — why let me have all the fun?

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